A mid-summer opportunity for premium whisky and wine brands to showcase an individual SKU (Whisky) or two SKUs (wine) to an upscale, high-income demographic who are looking to be educated on their next whisky/wine purchase.

Guests in attendance will be able to enjoy 1 sample per showcased whisky (if they enter with a whisky ticket) or 1 sample per showcased wine (if they enter with a wine ticket). These samples are included in their admission ticket and will be available between the hours of 6-9:45pm at the event. Whisky Smoke offers guests an opportunity to taste and learn about the whiskies/wines that are presently on the market, while subconsciously having a brand experience during this sense-activating experience.

Brands will showcase their product to the attendees while they enjoy live thoroughbred racing, delicious catered food and only the finest cigars… all while dressed in derby attire.

  • DATEFriday August 11, 2023
  • TICKETS Tuesday May 30 @ 10AM
  • TICKET PRICES $65 - $115
  • VENUE Hastings Racecourse

Why Participate?

Whisky Smoke offers a unique and rare opportunity for whisky brands to showcase their brand/products to interested whisky consumers in the middle of the summer. Although not a traditional time of year to promote whisky, Whisky Smoke has proven itself as a valuable whisky showcase for premium whisky brands.

After many years only showcasing whisky, there was an immense amount of requests for the event to showcase wine as well. As such, Whisky Smoke now opens its doors to premium wine brands to access the interested purchasers of wine during this popular wine purchasing season.

How Whisky Smoke Works?

  • STEP 1 Exhibitor purchases a booth.
  • STEP 2 Exhibitor orders the product that they intend to showcase at the event through Feaster. The product will be ready at the exhibitor booth upon exhibitor’s arrival.
  • STEP 3 Exhibitors present their product to guests for them to sip, taste, sample & learn about.
  • STEP 4 There are two ticket types to this event: Whisky or Wine. Each guest will be entitled to try one sample of each of the showcased 12x whiskies/cognacs (whisky ticket) or the 24x showcased wines (wine ticket).
  • STEP 5 Exhibitors will be billed by Feaster Media, Inc. after the event for their product. It will be billed as a marketing fee (to avoid double PST taxation). All product will be billed at wholesale pricing.

What is the Cost?

All standard 6′ table booths come with shelter and 2 exhibitor passes. 

6' Table
Custom Size Activation


The patrons at Whisky Smoke are those who purchase premium whisky/wine. As such, we aim to curate a list of  product that these patrons purchase when they purchase product.

All whiskies and cognacs showcased at this event are to have a BC Liquor Store price/LRS store price of $100 or more (including tax).

All wines that are showcased at this event must have a minimum retail price of $35 (plus tax), but it is recommended for each of them to have wholesale price of $35+.


Each whisky booth may only showcase 1 SKU. If you would like to showcase more than 1 SKU, please register for a 2nd booth. Each wine booth must showcase 2 SKUs. 

Each sample is to be 0.25oz. Premium pour spouts will be given to each vendor that will accurately pour samples at this quantity.

Each sample is to be 1oz. Each booth will showcase 1x red and 1x white/rose/sparking. Premium pour spouts will be given to each vendor that will accurately pour samples at this quantity.


Each booth is to showcase 2x SKUs. 24 bottles per SKU is required (48 bottles total).

Each booth is to showcase 1x SKU. 9 bottles per SKU is required.


Exhibitor must obtain, at its own expense, a minimum of $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance, including liquor liability, product liability and contractual liability coverages, and file with FEASTER Management a certificate evidencing such coverage naming Feaster Media, Inc. as additional insureds. Such Certificate shall be filed with festival management by July 32 2023 and shall provide festival management with a minimum of 30 days prior written notice of cancellation or material change or non-renewal of the Exhibitor’s policy. Use of the phrase “endeavor to send” in such notice will not be accepted.

This should not carry any additional cost to your company.

Tickets / Prices

Each ticket includes: Admission, 12x Whisky Tastings (whisky ticket) or 24x Wine Tastings (wine ticket), 1x Whisky Cocktail (whisky ticket),1x Remy XO Cognac Tasting, 1x Full Beer, 1x Souvenir Tasting Glass.

WHISKY / $ 65+

WINE / $ 65+

Vendor Tickets

Exhibitors at this event are not given complimentary tickets. A 25% discount (off of the current ticket price) is offered to exhibitors before August 1st.