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Monday to Saturday November 20 - 25, 2023

PNE Forum

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Vancouver’s Festival of Whisky, Spirits, Craft Beer and more is back! 

In 1996, at the very first Hopscotch, a few tables were set up to showcase whisky and beer to an enthusiast-filled crowd of about 200 people. From there, the aficionados of BC started to notice this event and it grew, quickly. 27-years later, Hopscotch Festival is the authoritative tasting event of all things spirits and beer within BC.

The Hopscotch Festival in Vancouver is by-far one of the most enjoyable and exciting events all year in Vancouver. Between the immense selection of products to learn about and sample, there is delicious food, live musical entertainment and an energy in the crowd that is undeniably “Hopscotch”.

Enthusiasts are able to sip, taste and learn about the new, exciting and delicious products available or (soon to be available) products within BC. As well, old favourites join the party, reminding everyone why they have been around for so long. 

It changes year-in and year-out but usually there are over 100 different vendors showcasing more than 400 different alcoholic products.  

  • DATE Monday to Saturday November 20 - 25, 2023
  • TICKETS Get On The List For Pre-Sale Access

    $30 - $49
    (plus fees)

  • VENUE PNE Forum
  • DOORS OPENVarious Times


GA – Friday Night

PNE Forum

Nov 25th 2022/6pm - 10:30pm

$30 - $49

  • General Admission
  • Souvenir Tasting Glass
  • Food and drink require Hopscotch Tasting Tokens
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GA – Saturday Night

PNE Forum

Nov 26th 2022/6pm - 10:30pm

$30 - $49

  • General Admission
  • Souvenir Tasting Glass
  • Food and drink require Hopscotch Tasting Tokens
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Satellite Events

Hopscotch Master Class

November 21, 2022 - A week long event beginning Nov 21

2022 Music

Olin Brix

Olin Brix is a one man band. Through layers of looped beats, vocals and guitar, he creates a fresh vibe that is certain to keep the crowds wanting more.

Performing covers in his unique way, he transitions from genre to genre and beat to beat while live looping it all together. Everything from Pink Floyd to Biggie Smalls to Ed Sheeran, Olin will find a way to put a groove on it.

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Phil Bo

Phil Bo makes music. Physically in Vancouver but spiritually cosmic. His music is a soundtrack to your life. A multi- instrumentalist whose live show is a one person band centred around live looping. In the studio it’s all about creating spacious music that breathes, sonic waves crashing into you leaving you with a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

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2022 Food

BKH Jerky

For over 30 years B.K.H. Jerky has been serving the Lower Mainland. William Lim the founder of this amazing jerky in Canada, discovered how to make beef and pork jerky in Singapore. Hence ’Singapore Style’ From the original Bee Kim Heng, Master Teo Ah Tian, which he himself has over 40 years of jerky perfection.

A family owned business, which only uses the finest cuts of Canadian grown beef and pork products. Features a sweet and moist savoury flavour or if you like a little kick in your mouth try it spicy! 

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Pawn Shop

The Pawn Shop is an East L.A inspired taco and tequila bar located on Granville Street in Vancouver.  They’ll be popping up at Hopscotch where you can enjoy the OG chicken, mushroom, and carnitas tacos.

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Real Patty Co.

The Real Patty Co embodies what it means to be Canadian by merging the flavors from their Caribbean roots with inspiration from all of the culinary diversity that surrounds Canadians. Their Jamaican patties are a representation of that.

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Aikona Biltong

Biltong is a form of dried, cured meat that originated in Southern African countries. All Aikona’s Biltong products are hand-made right here in Beautiful British Columbia. Aikona goes the extra mile to source only the very best ingredients and to imbue their Biltong lines with bold, rich and distinctive flavours that will have you hooked from your first bite. 

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2022 Drink


The Grand Tasting Hall, the main event that takes place at the PNE Forum is on Friday November 24th and Saturday November 25th, from 6-10PM.

The other days during the festival week will have Master Classes and Satellite Event Dinners at various locations around the city.

As always, the sooner you purchase, the better the price. We release our initial batch of tickets , “PRESALE” at $30, for the Grand Tasting Hall. From there, the tickets increase as they continue to sell. The closer the event is, the more expensive the tickets become. Once all the earlier batches are sold-out, all remaining tickets are released at their final and regular price of $49. There are Ticketleader fees and taxes in addition to the ticket price.

Master Classes are each priced differently. Please see the Master Class/Satellite Event section of this page for more specific information.

Samples range in price depending on their retail value. A sample of an 18 year old whisky could be several tokens while the same brand as a 12 year old may only be a couple. The connoisseur booklet that guests be able to see online when they arrive will list all the products available and their sample token cost.

Tokens are $1 each, plus tax. They are available for purchase using cash or credit/debit card, albeit there is a small convenience fee when paying by card. They are available exclusively within the Grand Tasting Hall or they can be pre-purchased when buying an entrance ticket. They are sold increments of 5 (card) and 20 (cash). There are no refunds on purchased tokens.

Easy peasy. All you have to do is join the “Friends of Hopscotch” mailing list, which you can do at anytime by clicking right here.

Usually a day or two before the pre-sale window opens.

We do not have a different ticket available for DDs. We encourage designated drivers through and through and there are lots of activities and products to taste at the event that do not contain alcohol. Our event is “a-la-carte” style, so the ticket everyone purchases is a “DD” price, and then alcoholic drinks are purchased afterwards, once inside the event.

Usually tickets for Hopscotch Vancouver go on sale early October, with an exclusive access to tickets given to our “Friends of Hopscotch” list, which you can sign up for here.

No. Barcodes on your phones are 100% sufficient.

Grand Tasting Hall tickets include admission, souvenir tasting glass, digital connoisseur program and access to hundreds of product samples.

Hopscotch tickets are not refundable under any circumstance. Tickets are transferable and thus can be given away to friends or sold on 3rd party sites. We do not hold any responsibility for tickets bought or sold or given away or received privately as there is no way to trace them to the new buyer. If the event is postponed for any reason, including Covid restrictions, no refunds will be offered. All tickets purchased are done so under the agreement that if it is postponed, tickets will be valid for the next Hopscotch Festival Vancouver that takes place.

Tickets are delivered by e-mail from Ticketleader.ca. Once you purchase your tickets, they should arrive momentarily in your inbox. If you don’t receive them or have questions about your ticket purchase, please contact Ticketleader. Their phone number is 604.252.3700. Please include your order number and first and last name they were purchased under.

Yes. We use a 3rd party ticketing site and no one works for free. The fees have been negotiated for the benefit of our guests and continue to be minimal. Regarding tax, only GST is charged on tickets.

Yes. If you require parking for the disabled, there will be spots onsite. There are ramps where needed for wheelchair and more gradual ups and downs where necessary.

No. All events are 19+ and thus no one from the age of 0 days old to 18 and 364 days old may be at at Hopscotch event.

We do! If you have a group that is larger than 15, please contact us (at our contact page) and we will be in touch with a special link for you.