Top 5 Home Office Organization Tips You Need to Try

It doesn’t just make everything look a lot tidier, but it also helps you maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout your entire storage situation. The easiest way to maximize storage space around your home office? Add storage baskets to your shelves to organize the larger items that you can’t really seem to find a home for. To Shred or Not To Shred Printable | With tax organization comes the urge to purge your files. Here are 3 ways I am organizing my tax documents and files this year.

How can I make my home office less depressing?

  1. Hang some decorative wall accessories.
  2. Work from the dog park.
  3. Grow a desktop garden.
  4. Let out your frustrations with a desktop punching bag.
  5. Buy some new office supplies.
  6. Brighten up your space.
  7. Experiment with laptop stands.
  8. Invest in a fun desk toy.

However, there are a lot more reasons to get organized, and most of them can help your life run smoother. Emily Henderson opted for a Lucite dry-erase (and magnet-friendly) board above the desk. It’s perfect against a patterned wallpaper you don’t want to interrupt or in a tiny office, since it won’t take up any more visual real estate. That’s why it’s crucial that you only have things that pertain to a specific task at any given time. That’s why you must designate specific work zones to boost work efficiency.

Plan Your Time With a Daily Planner

Moving your desk to a better location is a solution and it’s a lot easier when the desk is on wheels. Notebooks are essential pieces to productivity as it organizes your thoughts. Similar to a cluttered desk, if your mind is scattered, it’ll be distracting. Since there are so many devices these days that use wires, a desk can quickly get cluttered and can cause undue stress to you. Binder clips – especially ones with different shapes and sizes – are a good alternative to keeping various wires and cords out of sight. Your desk is where work happens and it can build up with clutter when you least expect it.

Where do I begin to organize my house?

Decluttering is an essential step in the organizing process and one that you'll want to repeat every couple of months to maintain the systems you've put in place. The best place to start is your storage spaces—closets, a pantry, or any room that's used primarily for storage purposes.

Install casters on the bottom of your desks to make it easy to reorg your office in minutes. A Mailchimp employee also shared a fantastic email processing system that limits time spent in your inbox. Instead of spending tons of time labeling everything, this person marks any email requiring action unread – everything else gets archived. Even if your physical desk is spic and span, a messy inbox can leave you feeling just as overwhelmed. If your office is anything like ours, you receive a constant stream of packages. The leftover boxes can take up a lot of space and be hard to get rid of. If paperless-ness makes you uncomfortable, try switching from a boring old to-do list to a “daily docket” style pad.

Home Office Organization Ideas You Need to Try

Plus, I’ll show you some of my favorite finds in organization products that are both functional and stylish. I love my desk, and while I appreciate the modern aesthetic, it only has one drawer, so finding ways to store things and hide cords is imperative.

home office organization tips

They also work incredibly well for storing papers and other important documents. I highly recommend grabbing a set of chalkboard labels with a chalk marker here. One of the most expensive items on this list for good reason. A chair is everything if you are someone who works at a desk. If you are going cheap home office tips on a chair, you’re losing a lot in both comfort and productivity. If you’re not comfortable, it means your body is hurting and if your body is hurting, the pain will distract you from work. Pegboards are easy to put up, though require additional costs since you’ll need to get hooks and extra bins too.

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To keep them safe and secure, store them neatly in an easy-to-reach desktop supply organizer with multiple compartments. If your office desk doesn’t come with drawers, there’s a stylish and quick fix to that. Use wire racks instead.They’re great for keeping papers, brochures, and other loose pieces in the office. If you are obsessed with color coordination like I am, click here to check out this stunning five-piece rose gold wire rack set.This is a great way to organize paper clutter.

  • Workplace ergonomics is the science backing how business owners today design their office spaces with the skills and limitations of the worker being the driving factor.
  • Investing in a filing cabinet is a great way to free up space in your home office.
  • If you love the look of your office, it’ll be easier to keep it organized.
  • Even if your desk is relatively clean to start with, it won’t stay that way for long.

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